Sir Winton And the Children He Saved From the Holocaust

You might have heard the story of Sir Nicholas Winton – during the WWII, he organized a rescue mission for 669 Jewish Czechoslovakia children imprisoned in Nazi death camps. After his successful venture to take them all safely to Great Britain, he remained anonymous for more than 40 years!

It wasn’t until 1988 that Sir Winton’s wife Grete came across the scrapbook containing names and photographs of all the children.

And now he’s set for probably the biggest surprise of his life: he has no idea who the people sitting with him in the studio are. And they are the very children he managed to save all those years ago… alive and all grown up!

We can’t even imagine the atmosphere in the studio packed with emotions when he realizes! If ever there was someone who deserved such reward, it is this wonderful, wonderful man.

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